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Torn – Banfhile-Chronicles-Special

Januar 4th 2014 in Annes Blog

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Reason versus emotion.
I‘m drawn to you like a moth to the flame. Emotion makes me vulnerable. But still… Screw years full of reason and calculated risk. In the end it‘s the emptiness therein which bothers me. I can‘t deny this overwhelming sense of belonging anymore. It‘s like something long restless in me has finally found it‘s home. It‘s your essence which has me captured, your soul I‘m drawn to. Maybe the little moth knows what I don‘t – the joy to dance with the flame is more than worth the price of destruction. And so a damsel is eternally calling out for her dark lord.

This is about the person behind the mask, the one worth taking all risks. The dreamer in me waits for a miracle. The realist commands to relinquish you and to return to old habits. The mother shakes her head in panic. The warrior sharpens her blades. The woman in me tries to overcome her restrictions and fears. To go after what she wants. How much of this is a product of my mind? Just a dream? Do I really want to know? Are you the reason why it never worked out with anyone else? And if so, do I want to know the price I have to pay?

Responsibility versus instinct.
Both committed and with promises made, which are not easily put aside, if ever. Bound to each other all the same. Knowledge, that we mustn‘t give in to that craving but feeling it take roots deep down. We cannot get free. Don‘t want to. Tired of this battle, but ethics keep us going. Is it worth to save the facade and contemplate the waste of time and love late in life? You belong to another woman but you feel like mine. As I belong to you. It feels right. And never shall be.

Reality versus fantasy.
But still, meeting you one day has me twisted. I know my emotions, my craving and my dreaming. Even my hunger. And I‘m no stranger to turmoil, doubt and cowardice. Only thing I fear now is to catch your scent in real life. If it‘s right it will be hard to resist. Sad thing is, it would be easier for those we care for to deny any attraction between us. Will the realm of dreams be enough? Will I be sufficiently strong to deny you in reality? Will you be able to see behind my defenses then? Maybe my eyes will give me away. When you kiss me you‘ll know the answer.

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Ich werde immer mal wieder gefragt, ob ich den Irland-Teil der Banfhile-Chroniken noch ein wenig ausweiten kann, weil der mystische Teil so gefällt. Aber gern! Für alle, die auf die Fortsetzung der Geschichte um Anne und Damiano warten, die erst 2014 erscheinen wird, hier ein kleiner Einblick in die »Hidden Agenda« der Schicksalsfrauen:

Copyright: Anne Amalia […]

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